What a wire break locator does is temporarily replace your transmitter so you can trace the signal through the length of the wire. Audible tones will tell you exactly where each end of the broken wire is. This can save a lot of time digging up the wire to find the break.

The locator I’m featuring here is manufactured by PetSafe. I’ve included a video that will show you exactly how to find the break in your underground wire. This product is great for finding a complete break in the system, but in the case of a corroded wire or a partial break, it may not help at all. This is why I always recommend using a thick high-quality wire when installing the system.

    • PetSafe Pet Fence Wire Quick And Easy Break Detector / Locator
  • Temporarily replace your transmitter then trace your fence configuration. Audible tones help discover each side of a broken wire. Locates complete breaks only: partial breaks will not be detected by the system.
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