group of people standing under umbrellaThe wireless system is the best-selling fence among consumers of electric dog fences. The fact that it can be set up in an hour or two and the fact that it’s portable makes it an easy choice for many buyers.

However, there are a few facts you should know before you purchase a wireless containment system. This system can work perfectly for you, but you’ll need to realize that there are conditions that might affect your fence. A breach in the fence could lead to safety issues concerning your dog.

What you Should Know

As I stated in the article how wireless systems work The transmitter emits a radio signal through the air that is intercepted by the receiver in your dog’s collar.

There are certain objects that may block the signal. Keep this in mind. Anything that will block your pet’s vision to the house can be a potential problem and interfere with the radio signal of your system.

  • Large trees in a heavily wooded lot (I’m not talking about a tree here or there)
  • Aluminum siding
  • Metal objects such as a metal shed
  • A severely sloped yard
  • Large hills in the yard

One more thing. A large metal object (like a refrigerator) within a few feet of the transmitter can affect the signal. This can easily be remedied. Simply move the transmitter further away from the appliance.

Large Trees

This is the situation I had in my yard. Part of my yard was a very heavily wooded area. I suppose I could have cut the radius down to stay away from this area, but I wanted my dog to have a large area to roam around in. It’s entirely O.K. to have a few trees in your yard. I talking about large trees in a heavily wooded area.

Aluminum Siding

The signal will not be able to penetrate the aluminum siding on your home. I’m not talking about vinyl siding here. Most homes with siding are probably vinyl at the present time. However, because of its durability, the industry reports that aluminum siding is making a comeback. If your home is protected by aluminum or metal siding, you might want to go with the underground dog fence.

Metal sheds

This may or may not be a problem. It really depends on how big the shed is and where it’s located. You may be able to just exclude the shed from your dog’s play area. The radio signal will not penetrate metal so keep that in mind if you’re planning to purchase a wireless system.

Sloped or Hilly Terrain

Again this may or may not be a problem. When I listed this above, I used the word “severely” sloped. The same would apply to hills in your yard.

It’s important to me that you know these things before purchasing the product.

For the vast majority of homeowners in a residential neighborhood, these problems don’t exist.

One more thing about the wireless

Almost every wireless system will create a radius around the transmitter. Compare this to the underground system where you have complete control of where the boundaries are set up. For example, you can cover your entire yard but have your vegetable garden, or your pool, even your walkway off limits.