These are some different configurations that you can use for your dog fence systems. You can click on these images to open them up to full size.


Underground fence covering the whole yard

underground dog fence


The illustration to the left shows how to cover your entire yard using an underground dog fence. Notice how the wire that comes from and returns to the transmitter is twisted. The green arrow shows it’s safe for your dog to cross over this wire with no fear of correction.

The driveway has a boundary of just a single wire. The red arrow shows that this is a boundary that your dog will learn to avoid. He or she can not cross this boundary without receiving a correction.

I like this setup, because not only can you drive in without worrying about your dog, but guests can come and go without coming in contact with the pet. Nobody will be happier with this set up than your mailman.


Underground fence covering back yard


This illustration shows how to cover just the backyard. You have a lot of options with the underground fence for dogs. For example, my friend Frank used to have a nice little vegetable garden in his yard. He loved to pick a tomato, wash it off and put it in his salad. Now, his dog, Buster loved to relieve himself on anything above the ground. This makes for a very unappealing salad if you know what I mean.

Keep the dog away from my darn tomatoes!!

With the underground dog fence, you can easily bury the wire around your garden or any other part of your yard that you don’t want the dog to visit.

This will give you as it gave Frank, a great peace of mind while he was eating his salad.

Please click on this link for more about underground dog fences.

The wireless electric dog fence


The wireless fence is much easier to install than the underground fence. It is also portable. All you need is the transmitter, the collar and the training flags provided. You can adjust the radius at the transmitter.

You’ll need to plant the flags at the edge of the boundary. You do this by walking toward the perimeter with the dog’s collar in your hand. When the collar beeps you’ll plant the flag. Do this around your yard. This is to give your dog a visual warning. Eventually, you can take the flags away. These are just for training purposes.

The collar will beep when the dog approaches the boundary. Initially, you can set the collar on “beep only”. Later on, in the training process, you can set the collar on the lowest shock setting. If the dog continues past the boundary he will get a correction. It’s a learning process for your dog. He’ll get the idea very soon that crossing the boundary will deliver a mild shock. This is a static electric shock much like the one you might get if you walk over a carpet and touch something metal.

Please click the link for more information about the wireless electric dog fence.


Underground fence covering the road only


underground dog fence configuration -road only



This configuration blocks the dog from running out in the street. Some folks might have fences on both sides of their homes. Perhaps these fences belong to your neighbors. This configuration assures that your dog can be out front and stay away from traffic.