Use these pages to provide yourself with all the information you need to choose the proper pet containment system for your particular needs or circumstances.

Before purchasing my underground dog fence, I looked at a large number of websites to find all the information I needed. It was my goal to try to provide everything a consumer might need to make an informed decision.

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Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence for Medium-Large Dogs

Setting up your wireless electric dog fence is not that difficult at all. Most of these fences will produce a circle or radius around the transmitter. This radius is controlled at the transmitter.
Before deciding on purchasing a wireless system, please see the section below titled consumer concerns. Not all situations will be right for this type of fence.
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How to install an underground dog fence

Setting up an underground fence is a little more time consuming than setting up a wireless fence. You’ll have to plan out your boundaries first. Then you’ll need to cut or slice a thin trench in the turf and tuck the wire in.

I’ve posted an excellent video on this page that will show exactly how to complete this job. You can have this done in a day or if you prefer you can make it a weekend project.
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Pros and Cons

This where you can find the good points and the not so good points of each of these containment systems. I’ve taken the time to go through hundreds of reviews by actual buyers of these products. This section will reflect some of the concerns I see repeated over and over.

In my opinion, the thoughts of buyers who take the time to send in a review are very valuable. I don’t necessarily take every one to heart, but concerns that are repeated can be a problem.
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group of people standing under umbrella

The wireless system is the best-selling fence among consumers of electric dog fences. The fact that it can be set up in an hour or two and the fact that it’s portable makes it an easy choice for many buyers.

However, there are a few facts you should know before you purchase a wireless containment system. This system can work perfectly for you, but you’ll need to realize that there are conditions that might affect your fence. A breach in the fence could lead to safety issues concerning your dog.
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underground dog fence configuration

I’ve included a few illustrations of different ways you can set up your underground dog fence system. The in-ground pet fence can be easily configured to avoid a garden, a swimming pool, or any other area you want to keep your pet away from.

The wireless dog fence is not able to exclude these types of areas because it projects a radius or circle of protection that starts at the transmitter. I’ve included an illustration of the wireless system as well.
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I’ve always believed that to determine my dog’s age I could just multiply his age by seven. This would give me his age in dog years. During a recent trip to my vet, I saw a big poster that showed the real way dogs age.

I’ve included this chart so you can accurately determine your dog’s age. The dog’s age varies depending on his weight. Check it out.
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small girl and her dog

Every collar on this website uses what is known as a static correction or static shock. Some consumers might get the wrong idea when they read those words.

The best way I’ve heard this static correction described is like the static shock you might get if you walked on a carpet and then touched something metal. When training your dog, you’ll start on the lowest setting. For many dogs, this will be enough to get the message.

But we all know some dogs are a little stubborn. Most of these collars have 4 or 5 settings to train your dog.
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1000 foot spool of wire

Here’s a great chart to figure out exactly how much wire you’ll need to cover the area you intend to use as a “safe zone”. One of the first things you’ll need to do before purchasing your system is to map out the area you want to cover. It helps to know the right amount of wire you need before you order. This way you can avoid any delays in finishing your project.
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