When talking about pet containment systems, we’re talking about two different types of dog fences. The first is described as a wireless system. The system basically just has two components. The transmitter and the receiver. Both of these systems will include other components such as an A/C plug adapter, training flags, and some systems will include a surge protector. In this case, radio waves are transmitted through the air to communicate with the receiver located on your dog’s collar.

The other type of pet containment system is described as an underground dog fence or in-ground fence. This fence will use an underground wire to be buried and act as an antenna to carry the signal from the transmitter to the receiver. The package includes a transmitter, a receiver (the collar) and a spool of wire. (Usually 500 feet long and usually 20 gauge wire)

I go into much more detail in the links below:

wireless pet containment systems

This page explains how the wireless electric dog fence works and how to install this system. You’ll learn how the system is able to keep your pet safely in the area that has been predetermined by you. It will also include links where you can view videos about setting up your system as well as training tips.

This category also includes the indoor wireless fence. This product is used to protect certain areas of your home. This could include the trash bin, your couch, or, for example, an expensive vase.
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how to install an underground dog fence

This section will explain just how the underground fence works. I’ve also included a great video on how to set up and install the system.

This is the type of system that I own. This product will give you the ability to mark off the boundaries with much greater accuracy than the wireless system. You can, for example, exclude your garden, your pool, or the driveway.
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