When I decided to put this site together, my goal was to create informational pages that would help consumers find the right dog fence for their particular situation. When I purchased my fence I had to go to several different websites to get the information that I needed to make an informed decision.

All products on this site are backed up by Amazon.com. As an affiliate of Amazon, I receive a small commission if you purchase one of their products through my site. It’s my hope that you found the information I provided for you helpful and you buy through my site.

The commission is paid by Amazon and has no effect on the price of the product.

Below I’ll list a few of the most popular products in each category. Here you’ll find videos, buyer reviews, and descriptions of each product.

havahart wireless pet fence

Havahart Wireless makes a superior wireless product. Their wireless dog fence has the largest “play area” of any wireless system. Up to 20 times the area of other wireless systems. Their transmitter, or controller as the company calls it, is a smaller, sleeker design than some of the bulky transformers you see on other products.

The controller communicates with the collar worn by the dog assuring that you will always know your dog’s exact location.Read More»

Young boy with his dog in the yard

PetSafe is perhaps the most well know of the companies offering pet fences. They also have a great line of other pet products. Their products have hundreds if not thousands of reviews. Product reviews can be very helpful in your decision-making process.

They also provide many videos on how to set up their products and how to train your pet to understand how the system works. The company also manufactures a wireless indoor pet containment system that will be included in the product reviews. Read More»

Two dogs sitting at the boundary of a dog fence

This company is very well known to hunters and trainers. Their remote training products are the best in the industry. However, this site is about electric dog fences. I wanted to include their pet fences because of the passion and love for dogs that everyone associated with the company has.

They make underground fences that can be expanded to cover 100 acres. Read More»

everything included in eXtreme underground dog fence

I wanted to include this underground dog fence to the product list because they include several features that I personally like to see in a dog fence.

The company calls this a “professional grade” do-it-yourself fence because the components are very comparable to the ones used by professional dog fence installers. Everything in the kit is made in the USA. Read More»