Setting up your wireless dog fence is a fairly easy task. Choosing a dry location for your transmitter is your first step. Keep in mind that the wireless system will create a circular boundary around the transmitter. Your transmitter will be at the center of that circle.

Watch the video below. It will show you all the steps you’ll need to get your system up and running. Make sure your wireless system is all set to go before starting your pet’s training sessions. Training your dog properly is the key to successfully keeping your dog safe and within the designated “play area”.

The property that we saw in the video is ideal for the wireless system. Small trees and basically level property will have no problems with the signal at all. Just to review:

  • Find the central point of where you want your containment area
  • Before mounting┬áset the transmitter as described in the video.
  • Walk toward the boundary with the collar in hand.
  • Adjust the boundaries to suit your needs
  • Plant flags at the boundary line
  • Mount the transmitter in a dry area
  • Start the training.